USF Robert Goldstine Performing Arts Center

Cultivating confidence

USF students, alumni and friends turned out in force for “Networking for Success,” an education session and hands-on networking experience for students at the USF Performing Arts Center in February. The USF Alumni Relations Office sponsored the event.

Students engaged in a networking and courtesy learning session in the theater with News-Sentinel columnist and professional courtesy expert Karen Hickman, who used a PowerPoint presentation to educate students on the finer points of interacting socially as professionals. Students demonstrated their interest and concerns in a question-and-answer session with Hickman to wrap up the session.

They then entered the foyer of the USF Performing Arts Center to put their newly-learned skills into practice with a large group of alumni and business friends assembled to provide a professional networking experience.

Battling initial shyness and the impulse to cluster into their own groups, students stepped out with increasing confidence to shake hands and begin conversations with the business professionals, many of whom started their professional walks at USF years before.

AVI, which provides culinary services for the university, provided an appetizer buffet and Club Soda bar service to add another layer to the networking experience for professionals and students.

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